Understanding Language Errors and Giving Helpful Feedback


Correcting errors in a way that is helpful for learners is always a difficult job for teachers. Sometimes, we are not sure that our learners learn from these corrections either, which makes it seem like our efforts are fruitless. Moreover, it may at times seem like that there is no appropriate or systematic way to target errors, as our…

Taking Advantage of Emerging Learning Opportunities


Learning opportunities are present and bountiful during lessons, whether we as teachers are the ones responsible for their emergence or not. Perhaps an unexpected topic comes up, but learners are interested in it, and it causes a situation where learners try to express themselves more actively. This would be an opportunity for the teacher to…

Improve Focus with Learner Training


On this site, I talk a lot about learner training. Learner training is guiding learners on how to learn while they are in class, when they do assignments, or when they wish to engage in learning activities on their own at home. It is usually something that is only peripherally touched upon, and sometimes, not…

How to Deliver Meaningful Grammar Lessons

classroom-1856129_1280 (3)

Sometimes, there is a language point, or collection of language points, that is a bit harder for our learners to grasp. Simple content focus is not enough as this glosses over the underlying issues that learners have with understanding how and when to use these forms. Here, we can still construct lessons that focus on…

Write Great Learning Objectives for the Language Classroom


Learning objectives are what you want the learners to accomplish by the end of a lesson. In some contexts, this is decided in a top-down manner — someone tells the teacher what to do. In other contexts, the teacher might be given a general idea, but might not have concrete objectives.  In both cases, the teachers…


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